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Abby's Healing Haven

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Treat yourself to self-care

Abby's Healing Haven offers a range of massage and healing treatments (in-person or on-line), from the heart of Coromandel, New Zealand. Charming Accomodation. Retreats, Online courses, training and group coaching are also offered

Abby Noire

Abby Noire

Abby is a qualified massage therapist and Pranic Healing practitioner who specialises in a range of mind-body modalities that help people release stress, trauma and anxiety. 


Abby offers in-person sessions in Coromandel Town NZ as well as remote sessions via WhatsApp or Zoom- NZ and internationally


"I been coming to Abby regularly for the past 2.5 years and have found real benefit from her massage. Her firm style and overall holistic approach to her craft has helped immeasurably to maintain what has been a very painful back and neck. She is delightful company at the same time, so would highly recommend her services. We will miss her in Auckland!!"  — Lisa R.

"Abby has an intuitive understanding of what needs to be worked on. It’s absolutely amazing." — Andrew C.


"Abby is a talented and intuitive massage therapist and is highly recommended! If I could give her 7 starts I would. She is a cut above the rest and totally worth going out of your way for. Thank you Abby for a restoring all over body treatment."

--Julia W.




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