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Healing & Massage

Abby's Healing Haven offers healing treatments from Coromandel Town, New Zealand. 

*Massage appointments are offered to female clients only

Gift vouchers are available for one hour or 90 minute appointments


Healing sessions are available to all, in-person or online via video phone link.

 Abby offers Transformative Breakthrough Sessions, Trauma Healing, Distance Energy Healings, Intuitive readings and Transformational Alchemy sessions remotely via WhatsApp or Zoom.  Full spectrum Infrared sauna sessions are available on site, please enquire as to availability. One hour sauna with shower and all towels and products provided are $45

Abby is experienced in several complimentary healing modalities. This allows her to tailor-make a treatment that meets your needs. Have a free phone consultation with Abby to discuss the mind/body therapies available, and to design a session to address your specific needs.

Treatment Range:

Which treatment best suits your needs?

Give me a call or email to discuss 


Misty Sunbeams


A Transformative Breakthrough session is a powerful, simple and effective way of overcoming the fears and blocks that hold us back from living our best life.

What would it be like to quickly and easily make changes in any area of your life? Uncover and make lasting changes to self-limiting beliefs and feelings?

 Together in this transformational breakthrough session we find out how and why you may be blocking yourself from success, happiness, love and well being. I will help you discover tools to make lasting change

Perhaps you would like to…


  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Open to new career pathways

  • Enhance Self esteem and Self confidence

  • Release the effects of the past

  • Attract a loving and lasting relationship

  • Assist emotional and physical healing

  • Implement self care practices and make lasting change

  • Overcome specific fears

  • Learn to fully and authentically express yourself

  • Overcome specific fears

  • Develop meaningful relationships


One-on-One sessions can be in-person or via WhatsApp or Zoom.  The two-hour session will be recorded or transcribed for ongoing implementation at home. This is followed by a 45 minute follow-up video call a week later to discuss your progress and implement possible homework

2 hours: $280 NZD


(Includes 45min follow-up session)

Sports massage on leg



Abby offers therapeutic and deep tissue massage treatments for Women in particular. Abby is not taking male massage clients at this time.

Treatments are tailored to your needs and energy levels. 

During a massage Abby is able to intuitively sense and respond to underlying issues that may be contributing to tension in the physical body.

1 hour: $100 NZD

90mins : $140 NZD




Trauma Healing can help shift energetic patterns held in the body from past events. This gentle method effortlessly reprograms the brain and takes us out of habitual fight-flight-freeze mode, giving new freedom in our lives.


Abby uses Trauma Buster Technique (TBT) a simple and effective method to free you from the lasting effects of trauma. TBT can treat symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress such as hyper-vigilance, flash backs and dissociation. It can also be used as self-development tool to address traumas or stressful memories that cause anxiety, stress, and depression.

This is a powerful process for interrupting negative neurological patterns to bring about lasting change.


Sessions include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) an easy-to-learn tapping technique that lowers cortisol in the body. In your first session I will teach this technique so you in use it to reduce anxiety and stress whenever you encounter stressful situations.

Video call and in-person appointments* are available with quick results. Sessions are 90mins or longer. I offer an initial 30 minute phone call and email follow-ups.

*Although it may be hard to imagine, this technique is equally effective on line as in-person.

90mins : $140 NZD

Foggy Mountains


Energy Clearing and Pranic Healing sessions are available in person at Abby's Healing Haven as well as long distance via WhatsApp and Zoom. I have always offered traditional distance healing, and technology now enables me to discuss with my client what I am finding in energy bodies during the healing session.


In Pranic Healing and Energy Healing sessions it is not me personally 'doing' a healing session on you. I channel light and healing energy thorough each of the energy centres of the body and the surrounding subtle bodies in order to clear and re-calibrate them. The energy we feel is not mine personally: it comes from the source of Divine Love that many people call God. In my point of viewYou and Spirit accomplish the healing and I am able to see the energies as they emerge and describe them to you. 

I use a crystal between myself and the client as a tool for collecting and disposing of the energy

I dont touch the client but work with the energy bodies that surround and are within the physical body

Working with the energy bodies often evokes changes in the physical

I will sometimes get intuitive messages for the client while working with the energy bodies.

I clean each chakra and the shield of the chakra in the pranic healing method sort of described here

90mins : $140 NZD



Intuitive Readings can offer a deeper understanding of present circumstances and relationships, or be used to address specific questions, or ask for guidance on future pathways or decisions.

Watch a video of an Intuitive Reading Session with Abby.

45mins: $60 NZD

90mins : $120 NZD

(Includes recording)

Homemade Remedies



A facial massage using organic Ayurvedic face oil and a Kansa wand massage tool to massage the face. 

This treatment uses World Organics premium skincare products — Rose Attar Elixir face oil, and Honeysuckle & Turmeric face oil. This luxurious skincare range is BioGro-certified, and will make your skin feel amazing. The full organic skincare and make up range is also available online

20mins : $55 NZD

Transformative Breakthough
Facial Massage
Trauma Healing
Distance Healing
Intuitive Reading


Full Spectrum infrared saunas provide ongoing natural health benefits- aiding in detoxing the body naturally and assisting in the  removal of oxidative stress which is the main cause of degenerative diseases. We have a one person sauna cabin available at Abby's Healing Haven with a top of the range Clearlight sauna with bluetooth speakers and chromotherapy lights inside, so you can choose your mood lighting and music. Because we provide spa retreats in our AirBnB at Blossom Cottage

(with unlimited access to the sauna cabin and the Duo Spa hot tub on the back deck) the sauna is only available to clients when the private 3 bedroom house accommodation is not booked. For this reason you will need to enquire about availability. If you think you'd like a sauna don't hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to assist. Saunas are $45 for one hour, ( one person) including a shower afterwards plus all the towels you may need. Loyalty cards provide discounts for regular clients

(half price every fifth sauna)

One hour sauna with shower                     $45

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