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About Abby

I am an energy healer and therapeutic massage practitioner based in Coromandel, New Zealand. I work with clients in-person and also offer remote healing sessions via video call and zoom

My healing journey began at a young age. The gift of channelling healing energy landed in my lap when I just was fourteen years old. So there have been many learning curves along the way. I am honoured to share this gift in service of helping and uplifting others.


For many years I have practised therapeutic deep tissue massage and energy healing techniques.

I am a qualified massage practitioner specialising in deep tissue massage for women.

I also offer mind/body modalities to release stress, trauma and anxiety. I'm most excited by the Tapping appointments I conduct with clients, over video or in my premises. Clients find significant and long lasting positive changes in body and mind resulting from releasing both physical and emotional tension and changing limiting beliefs through this type of treatment.

I am also a qualified Pranic Healing Practitioner, a technique which is profoundly beneficial for cleansing, balancing and energising the Chakras (energy centres) in the body. This is the technique I find most closely correlates with my original experiences of energy healing.


I have trained in TBT (Trauma Buster Technique*) with Rehana Webster, a master in the fields of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I have personally been successfully treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with this method, so I can attest to its effectiveness.

I look forward to joining you in your healing journey. 

*Find out more about the Trauma Buster Technique and Rehana's international volunteer work.


Abby Noire

Thank you to all the unseen helpers that accompany me on this journey.


All thanks and gratitude go to the power of Love that is the source all healing.

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