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The Full Story

About Accomodation

Hi, I'm Abby,

I offer healing services both online and in person at my premises in Coromandel.

 I love the countryside where I live in rural, coastal new Zealand. If you'd like a private retreat with your family or friends I know just the place. Here in Coromandel town we have a separate 3 bedroom house next door, which we have made available on Airbnb for holiday accomodation.

 Here's the link if you'd like to take a look

It's handy if you also want to book a massage, or a tapping appointment.

*(Massage bookings are exclusively for female clients.)


& My Mission

My mission is to use my skills to clear energy blockages from your system, be it through massage, chakra clearing and balancing, tapping to change limiting beliefs, or educating you in self help tools like magnesium use and other self help techniques

The Vision

My vision for the Accomodation is to provide a complete house of 3 bedrooms for guests from throughout NZ and abroad to enjoy the unique blessing that is the Coromandel Peninsula. In future I'd like to run small healing retreats and trainings from there. The house is walking distance to Coromandel town, yet surrounded by countryside, check out the link below


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