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OOOOO, I'm excited about this

I love Tarot cards! About 20 years ago I added to my collection and bought some cards that were first published in 1835 in Milan, Italy.

My excitement now? I chose three images from that deck and made some 2 sided greetings cards (with envelopes). Honestly as a product this is not a high price point but I am unreasonably excited about this little project and about sharing it with you here. The three images I chose are The Star, The World, and The Lovers. ( Le Stelle, Il Mondo, Gli Amanti) Covering a number of broad occasions.

On the back it says "May all your Wishes come true". The paper is a linen stock, really nice to the touch and compatible with the antique images

I love this little offering, maybe because they're just the kind of card I find interesting. On the back, where I can write a message of my own there's the patina of an old plaster wall, so I'm tempted to write on it with a calligraphy pen or a fine point permanent marker and make it look like graffiti!

What's not to love? I can stand the card upright on my desk

and use it as an anchor or an affirmation or a meditation tool. Which is what the major arcana were designed for ... sending subliminal, archetypal symbolism to the subconscious mind. I love little details like the numerical attribution to each card. The World for example is number 21... ideal for a 21st

May all your Wishes come true!

ANYWAY... If you'd like to order a pack of six greeting cards, with two of each card in the pack, for the easy price of NZ- $30, please contact me on the contact form on this website, also at the button below. Please include your postal address in the message and the number of cards you would like. Once the order is made and confirmed by me, payment can be made via PayPal and then dispatched to you- Please NOTE; postage will be added to the order once I know the postal address


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