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Redefining the word 'Power'

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The definition of the word POWER carries with it a connotation of 'power over'- often unintentionally.

It’s an unspoken component of the old paradigm. It is subconscious and needs, I want to say BEGS, to be brought to the surface for healing and transformation.

The connotations of that underlying concept of 'power-over’ have a social effect that emanates from the group mind of our collective past.

Our collective future demands we examine this unconscious bias.

Our language holds the resonance of the meanings of words, that have been contextualised into present day by our dominant observations.

As children we pick up meanings of words, implied through tone and facial expression or reactions of others around us.

The group mind and zestgeist exists because of the vibration our thoughts and spoken words convey.

We all agree upon the collective meaning of a word or phrase somehow. It’s a miracle of sorts. Over time these definitions become open to changes. If you look in the dictionary at some words you can see the evolution of meanings through time when changes in the group perception changed the general connotation or even the entire meaning of a word

In Tarot symbolism The Tower is said to have been made of bricks of speech.

When the lightening from the sun hits it - the tower crumbles from the new realisation.

I see the word ‘power’ as one of the bricks in that that tower, built over history, witnessing various transformations in the politics and the grouping of words around it that became catch phrases, like 'wielding power' for example.

The new realisations coming through take out some of the bricks (speech) and allow for a reconstruction.

The old paradigm can no longer support the present structure.

The ramifications allow for new possibilities. A step up in consciousness, individually and collectively.

According to Dr Paul Foster Case who wrote extensively on Tarot symbols, the mode of intelligence attributed to the tarot symbol of the Tower is ‘exciting intelligence’…

Not the first thing that springs to mind from this image, yet the ramifications of this transformation are indeed exciting.

The lighting bolt is coming from the sun, the source of light and enlightenment, so we can suppose it is all for the best.

The old bricks will build a new tower. The crowned figures falling upside down from the wreckage are symbolising the overturning of the ideas that built the tower, the words and ideas from the conscious and the unconscious mind that built the paradigm in which they were dwelling. When it is no longer serving them the lightening illuminates this.

What we have been observing in the old paradigm has given us a feeling of being over-powered, as if life is happening to us and there is no way to combat it, therefore we have no say in the matter. That is partly true, up until the part where we decide DO we have a say in the matter.

What we speak forth has generative power. Our thoughts and feelings have generative power.

Life could be different if we collectively changed the definitions of some words to embrace a whole meaning, that takes into account what has been left out and transcribed into a colloqusalised version of itself, a mere projection.

It is empowering to understand that something as simple or as obscure as semantics can change a generations understanding of themselves and their culture and their relationship to it

If we looked into the true meanings of the word ‘power ‘ we are given the opportunity to understand that it is generative,

a powerful primordial cosmic energy representing the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe.

What could happen if we redefined the primary notion of power as a self generating vibration.

The old paradigm might have used the word, self generating force.

That was then, this is now.

Now we are realising that we are generative vibrational forces of our own accord. That yes, we have been under the thumb of circumstance and people and politics, under the thumb of a collective power we often name 'they' or 'them'

In our personal lives we may have had opportunities to learn ‘they’ can change, in response to a situation or according to their understanding at the time.

Just as they do, so do we. We can choose to change too, if we wish.

If there’s sufficient evidence to suggest you would be better off doing so, you'll find you do change your response.

You can change your unconscious response to words by examining what they represent to you, what resonance they invoke within you.

When the group think has a generally misappropriate emotional understanding of a word like ‘power’ we see those effects in society.

Who would have thought that something as simple as linguistics could have the power to transform our self talk, the thought processes, the synapses activated? The newly defined mental/emotional/somatic response could have an effect so ‘powerful’ not only on an individual but also through individuals and community- on our society as a whole.

Our observations and our powers of observation and perception give us the skills to see when we may have left something out of the equation. When we haven’t thought something through, haven’t taken in the view from every window of the tower…

Even the phrase ‘powers of observation' - you may perceive it as a destined and set in stone power that you exert no control over.

Or perhaps you feel it is a skill that is inherent and you can fine tune it according to your will, your desire?

Desire. There's a much maligned word.

There are too many doctrines disguising desire as something untoward.

Desire is a Grace given to humanity. We can fine tune it to align with the desire to see good come of this world, and from our participation in it, individually and communally.

Your desire nature has a lot to teach you, about what you want from life and how much and how well you are prepared to love.

It's time to review our unexamined 'group think'.

I would like a re-definition of the word 'Power' - one that encompasses a feeling of divine compassion, for ourselves and for one another.

A redefinition of power as a benevolent self generating vibration of light that exudes love, (rather than a self diminishing power-over dynamic) assisting us to understand the way the world really does work.

If I understand that the primordial cosmic power that generates all life is the source of All Power and thus the primary definition of that word, if we all begin to agree collectively, would some of the inherent problems stemming from power dynamics in our society start to dissolve?

Given that all outer change begins from within I invite you to observe and correct your own unconscious bias around this word and allow the true meaning to flower in your consciousness for the benefit of all.

So be it. I have spoken.

for you


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