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Awesome Tarot themed Greeting cards available

Want to send a blessing of insight and hope? Tarot card 17, the Star, or Le Stelle in this deck- would convey just such a message. The Lovers or Gli Amanti sends impressions of love and attraction and harmony. The World, number 21 suggests success, synthesis and often a change of place.

On the back of each of these cards is a photo of an original wall from an old convent.

There's space to write your personalised message which I thought could be written in a marker pen like graffiti on the wall?

under the text

'may all your wishes come true'

Here's a video of me showcasing these cards. If you'd like to buy some- a set of 3 for 15$NZ, with envelopes and a 'wax seal' sticker for the envelope, please send me an email at so I can quote you the price plus postage to wherever you are in the world. I gratefully receive payments via PayPal

I'm filming from inside the AirbnB at Abby's healing Haven. It's a separate 3 bedroom house.

The house, in Coromandel Town NZ is showcased under the accomodation tab on this website with an AirBnB booking link. I'm wanting to share CHERISH - a self care, upgrade your energy retreat, for 4 women who are open and available to have a mixed modality pamper retreat with a deep dive element, to make a shift and uplift one's energy.

Send me an email from the contact tab on here to explore if it's the right fit for you.


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