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Declutter to free up energy

the desk
It's time to de-clutter

Don't underestimate the POWER of the declutter my friends. It shifts things.. OH Y E A H

Heres 50 things you can start with. Be warned you may become a whirlwind. Also fair warning you might start to suddenly attract that very thing you wanted, whether it's your dream job, some more cash coming in, a worthy romantic interest, a designer item you can't quite forget about. Whatever takes your fancy you do have to make room for it in your life, so if your head and heart and drawer space is full to overbrimming with unnecessary details and outworn things that don't work for you anymore. Time to recycle, repurpose and rid thy self of the clutter.

Ps If you need help ridding yourself of mental clutter from past failed relationships, businesses or any haunting blunders I can help you with that. I have one on one sessions on zoom where I hone in on all that , wave a magic wand and POOOF! Transformation station, we're getting off at the next stop!

HERE IS THE beginnings of a LIST to throw away

*Any photos in your camera roll that are out of focus or random and irrelevant

*Emails from past partners or old work places

*Old magazines

*Worn out shoes

* Clothes with holes

*Socks without a matching one

*Scratched CD's

*Pens that don't work

*Games with missing parts

* Chipped crockery

*Expired food

*Expired medications

*Old make-up

* Expired batteries

* Torn books

*Books you'll never read again

*Clothes that don't fit

* Duplicates

*Take away menus

* Any notes, cards, anything at all pertaining to old EX's

* Anything you've been given that you just don't like

*Anything that makes you feel guilty or embarrassed or just off

*Old tech that you will never use again

* Linen that doesn't feel beautiful

*Old nail polish

* Coupons that expired

*Hoarded stuff that will be useful to someone, someday

* Useless receipts

* Junk mail

*Manuals for machines you don't have any longer

* Plastic takeaway boxes and jars that you keep just because

*Old bags, belts, ties, purses that you wear once every 10 years

* Plastic toys from supermarkets, food outlets, Christmas crackers

* Keys to houses or cars you no longer own

*Everything that smells funny

* Art that you loathe

*Unfinished projects you have absolutely no intention of finishing

* Broken mirrors

*Things you hoped your partner would fix 3 years ago

*Old pet memorabilia

* All the things with holes that you didn't get the first time around

* Old address books that you don't use because its all on your device

Is that enough to be getting on with? Throw the 'useful to someone' things in a box for the goodwill store and be as ruthless as you can without going overboard.

I can't wait to hear the results! It works every time. This has led to a total influx of fresh energy in the areas of my life that had become stuck or stagnant.

So. When in doubt DECLUTTER


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