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Excerpt from the Guide for Self transformation through Forgiveness

So you might not know, but I've been an intuitive all my life. Some of the story around that and my discovery of my intuitive perception is in the book I'm currently writing and it is an interesting story. But to me the main part of the book which is channeled wisdom from my unseen helpers is more interesting, because it's not about my past, it's cutting edge.

Today I was re-reading some things I'd written and as is so often the case I was surprised at what it meant to me. Because I channeled it I most often don't remember it, but I gain from re-reading it, as if for the first time.

Today, while editing, I read this.

"....undervaluing oneself in proportion to the story. Let that be transmuted in the light"

I found this to be an important mindset shift. I saw 2 circles on a blackboard. One larger circle represented 80% and the smaller one 20%. When I place myself in the bigger circle, I'm in right proportion to the story, which is in the smaller circle and makes up 20% of the situation.

My agency is always more... unless of course I've placed myself in the smaller circle, then the story suddenly becomes overwhelming almost and my agency has diminished.

I saw the choice being offered to me each day to align myself with empowered choices.

"Let that be transmuted in the light." Yes there are techniques that go into detail which they are giving me to write down for self healing and self awareness, which are easeful, practical and worth implementing.

This book is called Forgiveness Trails; a guide to self transformation through forgiveness.

I will let you know next year when it appears on the shelves.

It's been a journey for me writing it - and I'm not finished yet.

I had a hurdle a while ago, a writers block. I had to ask my guides what it was about

They explained to me my hangup was me thinking I personally needed to know and practice all the things they were saying, before I wrote it down, when in fact it is for my edification too... like the sentence I re-read today.

I hope this thought from today lands for someone. Sending you much peace and love from my healing room in Coromandel, NZ


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