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MY OFFER TO YOU ! 20% discount on World Organics products, just click on the button below


World Organics have expertly crafted Organic Skincare , some of my faves are The Good Oil and Rose Attar Face Oil, both of these I use in my facial massages

They also have a BRILLIANT Calendula and Turmeric repair cream called TASK FORCE NINE ooo lala. Newly arrived Vitamin Sea Serum and Dream Cream are amazing. One of my go to's for years has been the Evening Primrose Moisturiser. There are so many great moisturisers on their site ! Also organic make up, the lipsticks are divine, Sahara and Flame are 2 of the shades I use the most. I hope you enjoy this affiliate link as a special gift for YOU, just for being here , on my website, Wooooo ! Click on the button for the discount link!


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