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My secret to clearing energy I've picked up

My secret to clearing energy I’ve picked up

I wonder if you’ve ever experienced picking up energy from others?

Maybe when you were out somewhere?

At the hairdresser for example. Sometimes the vibes of others inside my aura can have an effect.

There was a time when I only did healing work with my family and some friends, because of THIS THING. I would more often than not acquire the pain that the client had. My energy centres were operating empathically

I developed a few techniques for cord cutting and other stuff which worked most of the time and allowed me to open my business

Then when I was in Sydney I did some research. I went to a Pranic Healing training which fascinated me because it was the closest method I’d found to the one I’d been using intuitively from my spirit guides.

At the end of the training course I felt there was something else I did as well, I couldn’t put my finger on it

So I did the advanced training and sure enough there it was.

Clearing the shield of the chakras was the next step - and then I felt resolved that yes this method was close enough to my intuitive method to follow step by step

Because intuitively, when working like that, I was sometimes worried in case I missed something.

I had no start or finish point it was all just lots of intuitive information arriving and no 1-10 sequence. That was just fine, but I felt grateful for a method so that I could rely on that- while all the info was being delivered, so I had a path through that wasn’t too different each time.

Probably the most invaluable piece of advice I had from the course was


It made total sense to me in several ways at once.

The salt crystal is a cube, This had huge significance for me.

I studied the Cabala from a young age and saw cube as a reference to the cube of space. My experience from washing with salt after a client is that is cuts the electrical charge between us.

The invisible energy that surrounds us and intertwines, mentally, emotionally and energetically often shows up in the physical body

Do you know that saying ‘ They give me a pain in the neck’?

So wash with salt is a great tip for you if you

- work with clients, are a sensitive person, or are surrounded by negative vibes for whatever reason.

The other methods, cord cutting, visualisations for that, protection prayers ( I do that before clients) all work as well

Your own intuition probably has led you to a method that works for you already

Do it all AND wash with salt. I just put any salt in my hands along with some liquid soap and I scrub my hands , up to my elbows, sometimes up to my armpits

Sometimes I’ll shower with it

A jump in the ocean works just as well. It’s funny because before I found this method I would go for a swim in the sea every day after work

My intuition was telling me how to wash the energy off

Luckily I was led to do the training because in winter my method wasn’t going to work for me

I’d love for you to try this easy method to cut energetic cords with clients or others

With love and light !



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