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some things that worked for me.....

OH I feel ya. Debilitating migraine is the worst. Here's a few things that helped me out.

1* Hormonal causes? Chinese acupuncture and herbs worked for me.

It used to be at the beginning of each menstrual period I would have a terrible migraine. An acupuncturist I had specialised in women's Chinese medicine. He gave me a tea that I took for 6 months or more. Also about 8 acupuncture sessions. It changed my life.

The root cause in Chinese medicine was stagnant liver chi.

The liver was getting flooded with hormones and having difficulty clearing them.

So 2* the Liver;

Anything you can do to cleanse and purify your liver is good for helping migraines. Dandelion is a perfect herb for this, dandelion coffee, dandelion greens and there are many other herbs , tea's and products aimed at liver cleansing. Information on these is easily available to research

3* Magnesium

Has been shown to help with migraines. Transdermal is the absolutely fastest and complete way of absorbing it. And I do make it available to my clients, family and friends. Bottles of 200ml are available for $40nz if you'd like to order some - Magnesium chloride oil spray- email me to order or enter the monthly draw on Abby’s Healing Haven Facebook page for the monthly magnesium giveaway event that happens each month. That's easy, all you do is comment below the video the best thing to happen for you that month and you are in the draw.

4* Find a cranial osteopath to help sort out any spinal issues especially in the neck

This is a valuable treatment path that can sort out any issues that may have triggered migraine in the beginning for example whip lash.

5* Check out your vision with an optometrist.

Eye strain can be a contributing factor

6* Visit a classical homeopath for a remedy that addresses migraines that are constitutional

There is no end to the wonders worked by homeopathy in my life and that of my family over the last decades. If you have never tried homeopathy, give it a go. If you have, you know what I mean

I'm not a Dr so please take these suggestions as my own experience of my journey to wellness.

I sincerely wish you a path of recovery from migraine. All the very best



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