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Ten Breathing Techniques from the Sacred Platform- Cherokee/Navajo teaching

I had a session with a lovely woman channeling guides ( Solera, Akashic Reader)

We talked about strengthening and balancing the female and male energies.

The conversation led me back to the basics of teachings that I undertook with the Deer Tribe more than 25 years ago and decided to share with you these simple breathing techniques that were given to us by the blessed elders to balance and heal us.

Each one of these breaths should be repeated 7 times or 11 times

the ten breathing techniques connect us to the sun's energy. They pull in the universal life force and open the chakras and the ten dimension wheels to the male energy of Grandfather sun, bringing balance to both male and female energies into oneness.

1st breath...Animal Wheel. [the animal wheel corresponds to the emotional centre]

Purifying or recycling breath.

Inhale s l o w l y through the nose into the lower lungs and stomach, push the air up into the upper lungs and chest and down again. Hold the air as you move it 3 times down and up. Exhale s l o w l y through the mouth

2nd breath...Plant Wheel. Masculine energy or Sun breath. [the plant wheel corresponds to the change centre and male energy] Inhale sharply through the nose, inflate your chest. Hold it, drop the air quickly into the lower stomach, try pushing the air out of the lower extremities. Exhale explosive breath through the mouth.

3rd breath...Earth Wheel , Female energy or Earth Breath [the earth wheel corresponds to the path centre and female energy] Suck air in sharply through the mouth this time inflating the chest. Hold it, drop the air quickly into the lower stomach, try pushing the air through the lower extremities. Exhale with force through the mouth.

4th breath...Ancestor Wheel. Calming and Balancing breath [the ancestor wheel corresponds to the spirit centre. The calm self] With the right middle finger on your 3rd eye, thumb on the right nostril, inhale through the left nostril slowly into the lower abdomen, close the left nostril, count to 4, exhale from the right. Inhale from the right, close, hold for 4, exhale through the left side.

5th breath...Sun Wheel. Spiritual sexuality, Quodoushka breath [the sun wheel corresponds to the creation centre and fire energy] Inhale deep short breath through the nose, push gently into the lower abdomen. Holding the breath squeeze and release7 times the anal sphincter (pubococcygeus) muscles. Exhale slowly, through the mouth

6th breath...Dream, Mind Wheel. Astral body travelling breath [the dream wheel corresponds to the mind centre and the astral plane, out of body] Inhale slowly and fully into the lower abdomen. Relax while holding and counting to 30, exhale slowly, count to 30. Don't gasp or fight for air, just relax and if you need to simply decrease the number you count.

7th breath...Human Wheel. Happy or harmony breath. [the human wheel corresponds to the communication centre and a happy open heart] Suck the air in quickly through the mouth with 7 little pumping movements of the abdomen. Then exhale with 7 short partial exhalations through the mouth.

8th breath...Karma, Body Wheel. Rainbow Bridge Awakening Breath [the karma wheel corresponds to the centre containing our body image and centering] With short inhales and exhales begin moving the breath around the navel in a circle, upper left, lower left, lower right , upper right. Move the breath as if it were a circular dance

9th breath...Great Light, Aura Wheel. Universe Expanding or Self breath. [the great light wheel corresponds to the auric field and the substance of self] Focus your eyes 3 feet in front while inhaling into the lower abdomen. Un-focus the eyes and soften them to a low squint while looking slightly down. Hold the breath, turning to the right, the level your head. Turn to the left until your chin is above the left shoulder. Exhale half the air with 3 pushes through the mouth with squinted, softened focus, eyes. exhale last half of breath with eyes focussed 3 feet from the left shoulder

10th breath...Soul Wheel, universal life force wheel. Wakantanka breath. [the soul wheel corresponds to the spirit of life and our connection to that] This breath is the same as the previous one but starting with open eyes , close them as your head gos back and up, keeping them closed until the first half of the exhale. Upon the second half of the exhale open your eyes and focus 3 feet in front of your shoulder

These are beautiful sacred teachings from the ancients that are given in order to empower and encourage humanity in its highest expression. Message me if you are interested in the crystal energy healing sessions I offer listed under Pranic and Energy healing sessions under the treatments tab on this website. I do these sessions live on zoom where we can record the messages that come through for you.

With Love and massive appreciation for you, as a member of this rainbow tribe

Thank You


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