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Turn the dial UP

This is a photo of a blackboard I made for a class I was taking. In that class I was the student and ‘my guides’ were teaching me, literally speaking to me and giving me visuals to accompany the ideas being presented. It was while I was building the structure of my upcoming workshop.

Mostly I call them my spirit helpers, which I think is a more accurate description. They exist in a place where a name is not the way they’re recognised. It's more of an energy recognition signature.

If you look up 'clairsentience' in the dictionary it says- perception of things not normally perceived. Which is very broad and doesn’t do much to describe this type of perceiving.

The things I ‘download’ as I call it are through all my senses.

I feel, I sense, more than anything, I feel the presence of the familiar guiding being, I feel /hear the words in my mind, I feel /see the images in my mind, sometimes as a vision before my open eyes.

I sense with all my senses. It's hard to describe but visceral is a word that helps.

On this blackboard, at the bottom there are some semi- circles of different colours. The drawing of that semi circle with the chalk was all about that visceral pleasure of turning an old fashioned dial all the way over to full -ON.

The first one in orange has the 2 opposing energies of ‘fear, uncertainty’ on one end, with a big arrow pointing over to ‘ desire for what I want to feel’

When I first wrote that, I wasn’t sure about what I was writing.

Desire for what I want …. First off recognising what that might be is sometimes harder than it looks. For some people thats new territory.

It has been for me and it might be so for you too?

Our upbringings can have us 'people pleasing' to the point where we have little understanding of what we want - Happiness? what would that look like?

Beyond making sure every one else is safe and happy so then I can just relax........

My Spirit Helpers, who have been with me since infancy have given me tools and instructions to help me personally and that supplement my formal training while working with clients to help them get over these hurdles and more.

Bryan White said “We never really grow up, we just learn how to act in public"

That can be true for a whole lifetime or until we decide we DO want to actually grow up into who we’re meant to be, who we want to be. We don't need to leave behind our innocent approach, it can help lead us to more self awareness and more agency in our lives.

The coloured chalk dials represent those in the imaginary "control room" in my mind, where I get to set the program, set the controls and then ..... go rest or have fun. In my mind all the dials on the blackboard are there plus others. I can go there at will and correct a setting or program a new button , toggle or dial. You might like to try this idea yourself.

This black board has been there, in the corner of my eye in my office. I feel the new year urge to rub it off. Start again. But I want to make sure I have turned all the E-motion dials right the way up first so that Fear can be transmuted into Love of Life. And therefore love of loved ones even more than usual.

So that addiction can be turned to face itself and then Health can begin out of an acknowledgement and embodiment of the deservedness to be here.

Fear, white hot fear of self sabotage can be turned into an energy of excitement, understanding there IS an ability to say yes to opportunities.

Theres even an ability to give oneself permission to know what I deeply want.

Victimhood gets turned all the way on its head to become victor, the victory of blessed being -ness

Feelings of being lost, or abandoned, call for turning that red, (red for base chakra ) dial towards a sense of belonging and feeling of being at home in the body and secure in my life.

You’ll observe that many of the preliminary statements on the black board begin with “IT”S SAFE FOR ME TO….

Sometimes the fear of possible negative consequences of “succeeding” or “growing Up’ or being authentic about what you DO actually want prevent us from embracing that desire and the steps needed to manifest it fully. But hanging on the sidelines waiting to feel safe and secure in our own lives requires positive mindset steps that i can help you with.

Theres one statement that pleasantly surprises me sometimes, It's safe for me to feel safe.

I’m used to dealing with the hyper vigilance of the fight -flight- freeze mode. I can really help take you from self doubt to self confidence. Because I've walked that tightrope. Do you want to feel grounded in your being, confident in your ability to deal with stresses big and small?

Do you want to feel you have access to the miracle corners of your sub-conscious mind, so that you can take the steps necessary to enhance the main areas of your life?

I have a masterclass coming up . It’ll last for 3 short weeks.

Through a Mind/Body/Spirit lens we will examine

1) Money

2) Health

3) Relationships

Not necessarily in that order.

We will find key components of what ties them together, what E-motions tie them together in your life. How are they related through the mind/body/spirit lens? Where it's destructively we can choose to apply that energy constructively.

We will explore methods to integrate the body/mind/spirit in all 3 areas and get a head start to living your best life. I’m confident that together we can untangle the things that contribute to holding you back from the success you want to feel regarding your prosperity, your health, AND your relationships. I’ll show you how to weed the garden of your mind/body/spirit of sabotaging ideas and unproductive beliefs with the tapping tool. You’ll be able to use that going forward for yourself.

There’ll also be an option for one on one coaching if you prefer that

Theres ONE caveat though. You have to want to get on the train at the transformation station.

If you don't actually get on that train and allow yourself to be taken from the familiar to the unknown then you won’t make the destination.

Because even when we really want an improvement it’s still an unknown.

Trauma can sometimes try to protect us from all unknowns, even the ones we want.

Have you ever found that you’re reluctant to admit a need because you’ve had unmet needs in your past? We are going to change all that.

New avenues will become open. Positive change in the key areas you want to work with will be simpler than it seems right now, I can promise that

As Georgia O’Keefe said Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant. There is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing

I look forward to working with you either individually or in my live group coaching workshop this year. How do you want to feel in the key areas of your life this year?

Send me an email and let me know. If you're interested in reserving a place for the masterclass contact me. I'd love to hear from you

PS: seriously, I'd love you to send me a message or an email to let me know what your one important Q is for the guides. It's so exciting and interesting for me to get those Q's and share those answers with you.


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